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House and fence are just like phone and its case. Without a fence, there’s no protection towards the house. But an ugly fence can ruin the overall looks of the house.

With climate of tropical region in Indonesia, hot weather is the fierce enemy of the fences. On one hand, humidity and blazing sun can cause a wooden fence got rotten. On the other hand, rainy season would bring corrosion to the metal fence. You can grow a hedging fence, but this one needs extra maintenance to keep it pretty.

With reasons above, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a pretty & weatherproof fence. See these tips to make it happen.

Metal fences would create elegant looks but susceptible to corrosion. To prevent it, you can inspect and do some cleaning regularly. You can check its condition, especially on more humid and sunless area. Remove dust, dirt, and moss that sticking to the fence. If you find a rustic area, get a rust-free brush and scrub them. Clean your fence with clothes using mineral spirits. Rinse up and let it dry for a night. Do repaint if necessary with proper metail paint.

Wooden fences can bring natural looks but they are prone to dullness and rotten. First thing to watch is the choosing the right type of wood for exterior that will last longer. For example, ironwood, but it would cost you more than you expected. Another thing to consider is how to minimalize contact between soil and the wood.  Use metal frame so  you don’t have to put the wood into the soil directly. When you water the plants, make sure it doesn’t expose the fence. You also need to coat your wooden fences with anti-fungal and anti-termite substance regularly.

If you are in love with natural-look fence, but don’t have time to do extra maintenance, this Conwood Fence can be a perfect solution for you. Made of high-quality fiber and cement, combines with advance Swiss-technology, Conwood Fence has all the benefits of very strong, fireproof, and rotten-free.  Conwood Fence is also easy-to-install. Here’s a short guide about Conwood Fence.

Choose type of Conwood Fence that suits you. Conwood Fence comes in vary, such as Standard, Square, Botany, Arrow, and Branch. Use metal frame or wooden frame, and make sure you coat them up with anti rust spray for metal frame or anti termite spray for wooden frame.

Paint them up with water-based metal paint, you can use wooden colour to strengthen the natural looks of the fence. Coat the fence with base-paint before applying your preferred colour.

Conwood Fence is an easy to maintain, anti rotten and weatherproof product. You just have to remove the dirt and repaint them up periodically to keep it fancy. Further application guide can be found here:

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