Tips To Clean Your House After The Flood


Guys, to deal with rainy season few of people in Jakarta and some district in Indonesia worried about flood. Besides causing a material loss, also can cause a health problem from dirt in you house. If it happens to you, you have to clean your house after the floods recede.

Processed by any source, here is a few tips to clean your house after floods for you:

1. Turn off the electrical when you have to clean your house is a must thing to do. With turn off the electrical you will avoid by electric shock whick is a dangerous for you

2. Use your long sleeved clothes, long pants, mask, gloves, eye protector, and boots to keep it sterile.

3. Drain the stagnant water on the floor and clean from microbe and dirt with disinfectant. If you want to strelie, you can clean your house with hot water to kill a bacterial disease.

4. Categorize your stuffs, and look how condition of your stuff is. If your stuff is dirty and smells not good, better you thrown away because it would be so hard to clean it up from bacterium

5. For furniture with a small dirt and wet at all, clean it first from the dirt flood with a clean water so don’t leave a fleck. Then apply the oil and rub it with a clean clothes until its gone. To make it shiny, furniture can be recycled.

6. For clothes, towels, and blanket, wash it with a hot water and then dry in the sun.

7. Don’t connecting electronics stuff that has been attached by water to the electric because it can cause shorting. Better you bring it to the technician to fixed it.

8. If your Conwood floor flooded, clean it using mop. To clear from an odor. You can use floor cleaning fluid with 10 ml / 3 liter water. Avoid using cleaners that contains a harsh chemicals. For information, Conwood product has one month maximum durability in submerged.

So guys, that is a few tips to clean up your house after flood. May this help you!

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