Our Sustainability

The CO2 emission is a serious issue. Conwood began with a mission to recycle and recreate nature-centric products to decrease deforestation and treasure our dwindling natural resources.

Green Philosophy

Conwood upholds “Green Philosophy” to the highest level in manufacturing process. Wastes, water sources to dusts are recycled.

Heat Waste

The heat energy produced are constantly reused in different production stages

Water Waste

The water used at each stage are re-filtered and re-used

Trimming waste

The residues of the laminating process are reused

Waste & Dust

The remaining dry pieces are collected to recycle

Our Commitment for Sustainability

2,400 trees are cut down each minute. By the time you finish reading this sentence, another three hectares of forest have been cut down.

We believe that recycling raw materials is beneficial to the environment and the next generation. We are fully committed to deliver sustainability in all our endeavors.