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Nature – Centric Living

For over a decade, Conwood has been on a continuous, relentless quest to provide the best aesthetically pleasing, luxurious living, ecologically responsible, systematic building solutions as well as decorative materials.

Conwood adjacent products–through patented innovations, creative designs and constant tests and trials–strive to uphold high-level craftsmanship, elevating living standards while inflicting the least harm and disturbance to our environment.

Our pride and joy stem from our patented “flow-on” technology which enables us to generate identical-to-nature textures upon the first touch while the nature-like veneer designs deliver the elusive genuine wood patterns. Through innovations, Conwood products are equipped with fibres, allowing layering techniques and woodwork tools to be used seamlessly. Easily installed and maintained in all weather and terrain conditions, we guarantee the highest level of safety that is also child and pet friendly.

Conwood’s wide-ranging product lines are designed to serve every building and decorative need from private homes, and curated spaces to large-scale constructions.

With Conwood, there’s no need to knock on wood.

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Our Commitment

OUR Vision Statement

At Conwood, we are determined to bring sustainability and sensuality to the forefront of building solutions.

Our mission is to be the leading innovator of the building materials industry, offering innovative, aesthetic products that emulate the warmth and beauty of wood, yet are environmentally responsible. We are relentless in our quest to offer proficient, universal solutions for every building and decorative need, serving as a trusted partner to homeowners, architects, engineers, and builders.

We constantly strive and innovate to build sensual and sustainable solutions through leading edge materials. Conwood aims to push forward sustainability with innovative solutions designed with least amount of waste in production and construction.

We aspire to inspire. Let us Conwood you.