My Rooftop, My Palace


Lucky you if you have a rooftop, Sahabat. According to property survey, having a rooftop would increase your property value up to 20 percent. That sounds normal, since we are in the era of open land scarcity, a rooftop would give freedom and also privacy at the same time. Nowadays, a rooftop also becomes part of urban lifestyle. With some innovation, you can transform a rooftop into a garden, a lounge, even a sport court. Before deciding on your future rooftop function, you need to pay attention to these 3.

Wind – Everything you put on your rooftop would be exposed by wind. So, you need to determine the power of the wind and you have to plan the furniture or plants you wanted to put on the rooftop carefully. You can place trellis or frame to block the wind.

Weight – You need to learn more about your rooftop structure before deciding on the function dan its design. Especially, if you want to build a rooftop garden, you need to ensure that the structure can carry the weight of the furniture, people, plants, soil, water etc.

Water – The drainage system need to be designed properly. You don’t want to have a flooded rooftop that can cause damage to your roof.

All those three factors need special attention for those who live in tropical region, like in Indonesia. With intense sun rays and high rainfalls, you need a rooftop with weatherproof feature and easy to maintain. Latest trend shows that people would prefer tropical garden landscape with wooden deck and industrial-style furnitures. To create a modern-natural look rooftop, choosing a wooden deck is a must.

Floor application of Conwood Deck 12″ is the ideal innovation for interior and exterior, including your dream rooftop. Made of high-quality fibre and cement, combines with advance Swiss-technology, Conwood Deck 12″ has all the benefits. It’s very strong, weatherproof, and considered as green-product (asbestos free).

Conwood Deck 12″is also easy to apply, it can be applied on top of the concrete or frame. Supporting board may be needed for certain elevation. You can use water-based paint to paint your deck. You will find it easy to maintain because this product is designed to meet all types of weather. Colour innovation and wooden texture of Conwood Deck 12″ will give you final touch as pretty as real wood of your dream rooftop.

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