The Right Trick To Decorate Your New House


Guys, have you ever ready to move to your new house? Eventhough the process is so exhausted, but you have an enthusiastic to decorate your house with you imagination. Been adapted from and to arrange a few things to start decorate your new house.

1. Clean up the stuffs at the old house

Before you have to move to the new house, of course you have to start clean up your last house. Find a hidden stuffs in the corner of your house and packed it in one box. This is the first thing to make the packing process easier. If it turns out after this process, your stuffs looks too much, you can make a garage sale fot sell your stuffs in front off your house or on the marketplace forum.

2. Start from your bedroom

Bedroom becomes a place to spend almost of your time at home. So, if you have a limitated budget, make sure that you buy a new mattress first. Its important to invest your money to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. So, if you have more budget, there is no harm to give a different touch to your wall paint. For a morning person who active to activity in the morning, choose a colorful colors. And if you like to sleep at midnight, a dark color really fits to you. Dont forget to choose your color according to your personality so its dont make it bored for a long time.

3. Dont buy everything on the same time

At least, live your new house for a one till 2 months before you start to decorate your house with an expensive things. Because there is a difference between you live in the new house with you really live in the house feeling. Maybe your planning budget for kitchen renovation is not that important if you renovation your dining room.

4. Hold your desire for buying one set furniture

retail store always show a furniture or stuffs which sells in one set. They have to do that to interest the customer, but its good to hold your desire. Some of their stuffs which styled in on set is enough to interest people, but dont make your house looks like a showroom furniture. Make sure that you have your different style and dont worry to mix and match.

5. Match it in one color

If you have been moved to a new house which has an old furniture from the last owner, dont be worry. There are an easy way and cheap to change this problem with matched in onel color. Example, if you have one sofa and the color is different from the others so you have to put carpet or accessories with the same color so it looks complete to each other.

7. Decorate your house with wood accents

Beside of give natural looks, wood color trusted to make your house looks fresh and comfort. But, alot of request of wood material can give a negative thing, reminds a lot of logging. Therefore, its a wise choice if you use a premium alternative of wood substitute, from the looks till texture. Every Conwood products made from materials and eco friendly process. Conwood also have many excellence than wood, thats a weatherproof, termite free, and easy to use so you can save you time and money for decorate your house.

For the straight ceiling or wall, use Conwood Lath. Its so easy to use, Conwood Lath is good for interior design and can use to give a beautiful looks for your exterior.

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