5 Ideas To Maximize Your Backyard


Backyard, apart of the size, give you any potential function and an unique aesthetic providing you know how to use it. Here is 5 ideas to function your backyard:

1. Organic yard

Backyard is can use as a beautiful urban farming. Choose the types of kitchen plants or herbal plants which has a bright color, easy treat, and a lot of benefit. Just like, tomato, lettuce, chili, ginger, aloe vera, onion, lemon, or betel. Plants need a good place to grow, shade from sun light and watering regularly. For a fence and roof, choose an easy to use, strong and water resistant materials but still give a natural look such as a decorative product Conwood Fence and Conwood Sunshade.

2. Family space

Use your backyard for enjoying a nice morning sun and fresh air with your family without worrying about privacy. There are various concept that can be apply to make an enjoy vibes at backyard, from minimalist gazebo, barberque area, and a little terrace. For a comfort and long last floor, use the product such as Conwood Decorative Deck which is a weatherproof and termite resistant.

3. Kids Playground

Provide an extra space for your kid to play at your house. Make yournbackyard become a playground which a safe and fun for an unlimited imagination. Create a climbing frame, board slide, or anything else. Make sure that the material is safe for kids activity and not easy to broke especially for heavy duty and outdoor function. It is better if you apply a colorful color for your material.

4. Pets area

For animal lover, a backyard might be replace by a pets area. But, dont forget to put some aesthetic for this area. You have to an alternative material which is not just a strong, but also have to hold against the risk stratches or another damage and easy to clean.

5. Relaxation space

A hidden position make your backyard is a perfect choice for a relaxation activity like yoga or meditation. Make a cozy atmosphere, rilex and harmony with a nature nuance of exterior application like a coherency of wood and stone. For an outdoor, use an alternative materialof wood substitute which is more flexible and efficient. Conwood Product present as a smart solution because Conwood offer you alots of excellence a real wood but still a weatherproof and eco friendly.

Find out for more information about Conwood product for yyour backyard. Good luck, guys!

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