Touch of Natural Elements in your Kitchen


Kitchen will always be a part of the family house. Because it is an important thing, if you build a house, we might be willing to spend money for a kitchen set which not only for the function, but also about the look.

Along with a high intensity of use, we can not avoid the risk of being dull and dirty. Why we don’t decorate a kitchen with natural look? So, here is the tips for your inspiration.

Woods Accent

We may agree, for using a wood will show you a natural look for your room. A wood elements can be applied for any shape and function so it can be match with any kitchen concept. Use a wood panel like Conwood Decorative Panel as additional partition for your minimalist kitchen if you want to get a natural and clean look. If you like an open grid, so you have to choose a Multifuction plank from Conwood. This products good for lining your kitchen wall.

For giving a simple natural look for the kitchen with an industrial nuance, you can apply a wood elements on the ceiling or lisplank. Conwood provide any product series for ceiling and lisplank such Eave, Lath and Ceiling Border with a beautiful natural colors.

Are you bored with ceramics kitchen floor which cold and monotonous? You can decorate your kitchen look with Conwood Decorative Deck for an elegant floor. A specially design for every conwood products make it strong, weather resistant, good for a dry or wet kitchen.

Green Elements

For another way to add a natural look is to add some green colors. Place some plant in the small pots on your kitchen window, between jar or hanging on the kitchen window as a variation. Besides for an aesthetic, to place some plants in the kitchen also to clear the air and add a fragrance.

This is important to match type and amount the plants with your kitchen interior. If you kitchen dominated by a wood elements, choose a simple plants with a shape of leaf with a strong look. Otherwise, a leafy plants and too much texture in it can revive your minimalist kitchen. For a classic kitchen or vintage, decorate the plants with flowers and soft colors.

In general, plants can survive in the room is a subtropical plants. But don’t worry, if you want it you can choose a tropical plant, especially it can use for food ingredients. You have to make sure that the room fill enough of water and sunlight, and put the plants in the outdoor occasionally.

Supporting Accessories

If you only want to add a natural accents with an easy way, add some kitchen accessories with natural look. Today, you have lots of choice of home furnishing products which made from a natural materials with an unique and elegant design. There are safety box or trash can from rattan or water hyacinth which have find it on the home furnishing store. To place a small aquarium or fish bowl with 1-2 fish its good enough to give a natural look for your kitchen. So, guys, say good bye to a dull kitchen!

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