New Product Conwood Decorative Panel ECP


Conwood Decorative Panel ECP

Beauty, Light – weight and convenient installation

Similar appearance to bare concrete works

Strong and durable to all weather conditions

Applicable to indoor or outdoor decoration

Conwood Board ECP 60X60 series

Color: Natural 

60cm x 60cm x 1.1cm (L x W x H)  

Weight at 4.9 kg per pcs 


  • Using metal structure frame size 60×60 cm
  • Fixing with self drilling screw (wing) 3.2cm (to do Countersink)
  • Fixing Screw left from edge at least 2.5 cm and using grey tile grout to cover screw
  • Left gap between 0.3-0.5 cm and using PU sealant to close all gaps

Also available in 60X120 Series 

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